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27 February 2006 @ 12:22 pm
I joined ADF in November of last year. I have not gotten very far into the dedicant program, but was given a mentor. Granted I have not posted much here since I have not gotten very far, but I also did not hear from my mentor aside from the initial email. She has since resigned. I am on several lists and even though some good threads appear here and there, it seems there is more bickering then anything else.

I know I have not had the time to dedicate myself to the dedicant program, however could it be my disconnect with ADF in general. I am wondering if I do belong with ADF. I am not the most scholarly of people, even though I am well educated. I do feel a strong pull towards the Celts and the rigidity of CR kept me from that avenue.

I will remain a member and perhaps the next time the local proto-grove has an event I will make an effort to attend. I need to figure out if it is my schedule or lack of connection to ADF that is effecting me. Perhaps this is not the best suited to me, however I believe I need to actually connect to a few members before I can decide if it is a fit or not.
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soulseed on July 5th, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
ADF web site
Are you still looking for a partner for the Dedicant program? If you are interested, let me know... thank you!
P.S. I'm a new member, and just joined Raven Wood Grove, near Chicago.