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13 December 2005 @ 03:05 pm
starting again  
With my class and the craziness of my schedule I seemed to lose all the structure to my practice. It was reduced to simple prayers of gratitude throughout the day. One Yule is the last day of my hypnotherapy classes and the end of the week brings 10 days off. This is when I plan to put some of the structures back in place.

I will begin with my Oath on 12/20, since I will not be home until after 10PM on Yule. It will be a simple ceremony in darkness. I will start with a journey. I am separate the journey and oath with a prayer. Following my oath I will light three candles: one for the nature spirits and guides, one for my ancestors, one for the Gods/Goddess. This will be followed by song and sweets. I will also put a portion outside for local critters.

During my week off I will pick up my dedicant manual and begin week 3 exploring Yule.
Current Mood: coldcold