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09 November 2005 @ 10:48 pm
home shrine  

I began work on the home shrine today. It is a work in progress since I am really not up to that part yet, but felt moved to change my main altar. So far I have the symbols of well and tree. The shrine is on a small square side table perfect for kneeling in front of during devotions. It sits in the room dedicated to my spiritual work and healing practice. The far back center sits a picture of Brigid. In the center is a wooden labyrinth (in the future three votive candles will sit on it, white, red & black). To the left slightly back from the labyrinth is a large rose quartz with small stones, acorns, pine cones & bark around it (I plan to clean it up a bit and perhaps just keep the rose quartz). To the right of the labyrinth slightly back is a large Abalone Shell with iridescent beads and shells inside, there are also a couple shells outside of the large shell. A picture of Sheila Na Gig is in the front center with pictures of Rhianna & Cerridwen to the left and Blodeuwedd & Maeve to the right. All the Goddess images are from Goddess Oracle.

When I finished this arrangement I did like the energy with it, but I do feel it should be cleaned up more. Once I clean it up a tad I will post a picture. I plan to minimize the Goddess images as I connect with the Gods & Goddesses of the Celts. I will purchase the statue of Danu from Sacred Source in the future since she speaks to me. I may also keep Blodeuwedd since she did give me my name. As I travel this path I am sure I will make other changes, perhaps changing my symbols of well and tree.

Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful